Top 10 Popular Websites to Play Free Games Online


When boredom kicks in, we sometimes tend to do the silliest things ever. Googling random weird things on internet, watching the videos that make no sense at all and scrolling endlessly, we often tend to waste our precious free time. And this, my friend, is the same time we one idea strikes our brain and we tell ourselves- “Hey, let’s play some games”

But who wants to spend some tedious hours downloading them, this is your ‘precious’ free time after all.

So, you tell yourself, “Hey, why not play games online!”

But again, you don’t want to waste your time surfing the net for the best website to play games online.

Why would you, when we have already done that for you!

After digging in deep, look what we found- THE TOP TEN BEST WEBSITES TO PLAY GAMES ONLINE. Tested, analyzed and reviewed by our team of experts- these ten sites are the best place to play games online for free!

So, go on, check them out!

1. Miniclip

With its own exclusive games, MiniClip is one of the best websites for online gaming. There are over hundreds of games to choose from and categories to browse based on your interest. You can also choose from Miniclip’s own listing of top rated games, most popular games, etc if you want to play the best ones on sites. From action to dress up games, sports, 3D and more Miniclips’ collection of games are just amazing. The registration is optional but, it is better to get registered to save your scores, games, connect with friends and other things.

2. Pogo.com

With more than 100 online games to play, Pogo is the master of all online gaming websites. From puzzles to arcade, adventure, action, racing; it has every game category you can ever think of. No matter if you 6 or 36, there is a lot you can find in there for every age. And the best thing doesn’t end here. You don’t even have to worry about registering; play endlessly for free on Pogo! The vast number of games and their variety makes Pogo the number one online gaming site and trust me; they are all worth being on the top.

So, if you looking for games but don’t know what type, you should definitely try Pogo and experiment with its wide range of games.

3. BigBoysGames.com

If you are looking for some rock-solid hard core games and are ready to experiment, BigBoyGames.com is where you should go. With over 30,000+ games to play, this website is among the largest source of free online games.

If you are not sure what to play, you can even click on the ‘random game’ option. This opens a random game for you, and if you don’t like it you can click it again until you find a good game. The best ones are featured on the homepage so you can find them easily.

Defining its name in the best way possible, Big Boy Games has a great collection of online games that you can play right away on your browser for free! From arcade to sports, adventure to racing, funny to board games, it has every game you can ever imagine of.

4. ArmorGames.com

Be it shooting, racing, adventure, puzzle or any category you name, Armor Games has it all. With new games added every week, the collection is massive! The website if filled with engrossing games and even has a separate section for free mobile games. So, if you want to play games online from you smart phone, this website is the best way to do that. The registration is free and once you have registered, you can save your scores, connect with your friends, chat with the huge community at Armor Games. The website also lets you create your favorite games list.

5. AddictingGames.com

The number of games are in million at Addicting games with hundreds of categories to browse from. There are puzzlers, platform games, racing, action, and so much more. Once you start playing, you’ll understand why the website is called Addicting games. New games are added regularly by over a thousand game developers from all around the world. So, you can choose the games based on your interest from a wide variety. You can even choose from top rated, most popular, most played, etc which makes it easier to find the best game on the website. Register to Addicting games, so you can challenge your friends, save your stats and more!

6. KongregateGames

Kongregate is one of the best websites that offer online games. 1000+ games and hundreds of categories with virus free games that you can play right away. Don’t worry about any threat of virus of malware because Kongregate is safe and free of them. The huge variety of games from sports, strategy, action to multiplayer, puzzler and more lets you experiment and discover the amazing games. Once you have played a few games, the website will recommend you more based on you interests. The registration is free and optional but if you are a frequent visitor, do register so you can save your progress, stats, connect with people and more.


Free Online Game or FOG is a website where you can find all sorts of online games that you can ever think of. The categories are well listed with some wonderful and good quality games that you can play on the go. FOG offers a range of online games that also include multiplayer which can be played by connecting with friends or other players. There are adventure games, enthralling action and racing games, mind blowing mind games, board games and so much more. The registration is free and optional but if you going to play multiplayer games, you will have to register. Overall, the website is amazing for people who love to play games online

8. Newgrounds.com

With a massive number of online games, Newground is the largest flash based games and animation site on the internet. The categories seem endless and once you start playing you there is no stopping. You can also play and discover games from categories like most played, most popular, top rated, etc where you will find the best ones from Newgrounds. The site is free of malware or viruses so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just play and play.

Not only games, but Newgounds also features movies, animation, audio and more. So, if you are stuck in boredom Newgoround is the best place you can be with a full entertainment pack!

9. GameNode.com

Play for free endlessly on GameNode with thousands of amazing games to choose from. Each category has its own top games, so even if you browse through categories you can still find the best games! GameNode offers adventure, puzzle, fighting, skill, sports, strategy, racing and much more.

The registration is free and option but if you are a frequent visitor it is better to get registered so you can always have record of your stats like recently played games, high scores, etc. By registering you can also play against your friends and challenge them.

10. BigFishGames.com

You may have sometime stumbled upon this website while downloading games but Big Fish Games is also well- known for their Online game which include a wide range of games such as action, brain teasers, mahjong, racing and more. Their massive collection is among the best free online games. You can even find great games in the Top Ten online games categories which changes regularly. New games are released out are listed under new releases.

You can register on Big Fish Games for free to save your stats and more!

So, these were the TOP 10 WEBSITES TO PLAY GAMES ONLINE. We hope you have already started playing and discovering new games. Playing online games is an amazing way to kick out boredom and these websites are the best ones for that.

All these websites are free and verified free of malware or viruses so you can play without worrying about anything but winning!

Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions or feedbacks, do let us know in comments. Enjoy!


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