[Infographic] PS4 vs XBOX One- Still a Hard Choice to Make in 2017

[Infographic] PS4 vs XBOX One- Still a Hard Choice to Make in 2017
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Buying your new gaming console and still confused between the two?

“Is it PS 4 or Xbox one?” We know this question has haunted you ever since you even started thinking of buying a console.

And believe me, this question has haunted every one of us!

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But, do not panic, we are here to help you with all of it. From big facts to minute details with all the pros and cons of each of them, we have everything that you should know before choosing the best!

PS4 V/S Xbox One had been a long-debated matter among gamers and fans and the conclusion is always gray. But not everyone has the same needs and demands. Especially when it comes to buying a console we tend to have our own set of priorities and we don’t want to compromise on this thing. When we buy, we want the best one- no regrets later.

That is why we are here with an all-in-one review guide cooked for you. Each aspect of each console checked and presented hot ‘n’ fresh before you so you make the right choice!

All the facts and evidence are right here front of you. None of them are bad and none of them are perfect. Both PS4 and Xbox One comes with their own set of pros and cons. Now, you need to set your priorities straight and choose the one that is best for you!


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Hope you enjoyed reading and this helped you because when buying a console- the struggle is real. If you have any suggestions or your own opinion about the topic, feel free to comment!