5 Tricks You Can Use To Win In Rummy

If you have time to have great fun by playing rummy with your beloved ones. Many sites offering online rummy have interesting promotions and tournaments.

But, what fun if you play rummy and do not win? Check out these 5 interesting tricks to win in rummy and be a cynosure of everyone’s eyes.

 #1: Aim for pure sequence

The best trick sometimes happens to be the ones that stick to the basic rules of rummy online. Yes, you got it right! Meld the pure sequence as early as possible. No manner how proficient you are or how many wins you have to your credit, this trick never goes wrong any time. Since, rummy rules mandate the formation of at least one pure sequence; ensure it happens first before you concentrate on your other strategies.

#2: Optimal use of jokers

Jokers are your best cards only if you use them wisely. They can help you turnaround an otherwise losing game into a success. But, you need to bear caution while using them. In Indian rummy games, jokers are best used only when you have a pure sequence formed. You may use the jokers for filling for other cards to meld the remaining sequences and sets. Hence, jokers in online rummy can come in handy after the pure sequence is formed.

#3: Use your middle cards better

Try melding sequences with your middle cards as they can be used in a number of combinations. Also, in rummy online, the more middle cards you have the lesser are your points in case your opponent declares before you. Hence, use the middle cards better and discard high value cards in order to be on the safer side.

#4: Confuse your opponents

When you play rummy, as you pick cards from the open deck your opponent gets an idea on the cards you are melding. If you have a duplicate of a card, then the best way to confuse your opponent is to pick card from the open deck and discard the duplicate card as if showing to your opponents that you are not interested in that card. This would confuse your opponent about your meld. Also, it is best advised to discard duplicate cards if you do not use them as they add up to your points.

#5: Keep re-arranging the cards

Rummy is not a game of chance; it is dependent on your skills. Waiting to get the right card only foils your chances of winning; rather, you should keep re-arranging the cards to work out the possible combinations. In a fast-paced game like online rummy, you need to focus on making quick moves to declare as soon as possible and not wait for the cards.


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